Learn about porcelain crowns

Whether you have damaged teeth or want a more uniform look to your smile, dental crowns can help. A porcelain crown is designed to replace the exterior of your tooth for a natural, fully functional look. Smile In Style, Diem Do DDS offers porcelain crowns to treat a variety of issues.

Who needs dental crowns?

Porcelain crowns are the go-to treatment option for severe tooth decay or damaged tooth enamel. If night-time clenching or grinding has compromised your tooth structure, or you are dealing with severe decay, a porcelain crown can save you from losing your tooth permanently. This will protect you from bone loss and help maintain the shape of your jaw.

Like veneers, some people choose dental crowns purely for cosmetic reasons. A porcelain crown is much thicker and can withstand more bite force than a veneer, but your tooth will require more preparation. At Smile In Style, Diem Do DDS, we can help you determine if a dental crown is the right choice to change the appearance of your teeth.

What to expect during your procedure

During your appointment, Dr. Do will numb your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. He will use a dental drill and a bur to remove the top and sides of your tooth to make room for the crown. In cases of severe tooth decay, he may have to create a foundation.

Next, an impression of the tooth will be created and sent to a lab for fabrication. In the meantime, you will go home with a temporary crown to protect your tooth. Once your crown is ready, you return to the office, and Dr. Do will remove the temporary crown and bond the permanent one to your tooth. The bond will take a few hours to cure, and you will want to wait before you eat chewy or hard foods.

Maintaining your dental crown is no different than your regular routine. With proper care, they should last at least five years, and in many cases do not need a replacement for 15 years. Contact us at our office to learn more about porcelain crowns, or set up a consultation.  We serve the communities of Marrero, Harvey, Gretna, Westwego, New Orleans, Avondale, Metairie, Kenner, and Lafitte.

Porcelain Crowns at Smile In Style by Diem Do DDS

Porcelain Crowns at Smile In Style by Diem Do DDS
What is a dental crown? How can a porcelain dental crown make your smile look perfect? Watch this video on Porcelain Crowns at Smile In Style, Diem Do DDS to learn more.

At Smile In Style, Diem Do DDS dental office, porcelain crowns are essential for preserving the tooth’s structure.

Whether it be after a tooth has had a root canal treatment or if the tooth has had a fracture or been cracked, or if you have extensive dental work that has left very little tooth structure.

A porcelain crown is a great solution. It not only stabilizes the tooth but restores the tooth’s function and makes sure that it’s going to withstand any force in terms of chewing and the overall health of the tooth.

A porcelain crown is not only strong, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. We use the highest grade of lab equipment to fabricate the crowns as natural-looking as possible.

Using a porcelain material will help mimic the natural look of your teeth, so what people are going to see is a fabulous healthy smile and tooth and not just a crown sticking out like a sore thumb.

Porcelain crowns are great to help restore the strength of a tooth and help restore the beauty of the tooth.

Feel free to give us a call today to learn more about porcelain crowns.

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