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Many advancements have been made in the field of dentistry in recent decades. Yet, there is still no form of artificial tooth replacement superior to healthy, natural teeth. To retain optimal form and function, Smile In Style, Diem Do DDS works closely with patients on oral hygiene techniques, oral care product recommendations, and preventive dental services.

Should damage to the tooth still arise, despite our best efforts, we generally suggest the most conservative treatment to effectively restore the affected tooth’s appearance and function and support exceptional oral health. For instance, a tooth-colored filling is recommended before inlays or partial crowns (onlays). Sometimes, a filling doesn’t provide adequate “coverage” or support to the natural tooth. In those cases, an inlay, partial crown, or full-coverage crown would be recommended.

While your needs dictate the restorative care that is most appropriate for you, all restorations designed and placed by Drs Diem Do and Tami Nguyen are made from durable, quality, lifelike dental materials such as porcelain. The placement of a permanent crown may be preceded by root canal therapy. In fact, root canal treatment may be the only method to retain a badly-decayed tooth.

Root canal therapy

The natural crown is the white part of the tooth that is visible above the gumline. The tooth is stabilized by roots that extend underneath the gumline into the jaw. Inside the tooth, underneath the protective enamel covering and softer tissue, the darker dentin layer resides pulp tissue. This tissue also contains blood vessels and nerves. So, when decay works its way from the outside of the tooth to the inner tissues, it can produce significant pain. After a tooth is fully developed, it can survive without pulp tissue.

Root canal therapy, in turn, involves removing infected or inflamed tissue. This nonsurgical endodontic treatment also involves sterilizing and shaping the root canals that surround the pulp. Think of it as a “deep clean” for the innermost part of your tooth. After the damaged tissue is removed, the root canals are filled and sealed off to prevent reinfection.

Root canal therapy immediately relieves the symptoms of deep decay. Since the affected tooth is precisely numbed, you will not feel anything.

The final step

Generally, crowns are the “finishing touch” after root canal therapy. A permanent crown is fabricated from materials such as dental ceramics. The crown is perfectly designed to your specifications, based on an impression or mold of the reduced or “prepared” natural tooth structure. Ultimately, the crown is bonded to that natural tooth. Crowns may also restore badly fractured teeth, support weak tooth structure, and replace large fillings with inadequate natural, supportive tissue.

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Dr. Diem Do set up his private practice after graduating from the University of New Orleans and LSU School of Dentistry. He follows continuing education for the benefit of his patients. Dr. Tami Nguyen is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and LSU School of Dentistry. Both are members of top professional organizations like the American Dental Association and New Orleans and Louisiana Dental Associations. They are trusted and respected by the community for their high-quality dental services.

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