A safe, natural look with composite fillings

No one wants to find out they have cavities. However, when they do show up on your x-rays, you need treatment before it gets worse. Composite fillings are a mercury-free alternative for treating cavities in your teeth. These sturdy, tooth-colored fillings blend in with your teeth for a natural look that will not show up in your smile.

Diem Do, D.D.S. offers composite fillings for patients in Marrero, LA, and the surrounding communities in Harvey, Gretna, Westwego, New Orleans, Avondale, Metairie, Kenner, and Lafitte.  Dr. Do can help you protect your teeth and prevent further cavities by educating you on at-home care. Whether you need to replace existing fillings or treat new cavities, reach out to us today for help.

Preserve your teeth in comfort

Composite fillings are much more flexible than traditional silver fillings, and they require less drilling to treat your cavities. They also bond more readily and are less prone to falling out. However, because your tooth cavity needs to stay clean and dry throughout the process, they take a little extra time to insert.

Dr. Diem Do has the experience to keep you comfortable throughout the process and ensure you leave the office with a smile you can be proud to show off. He will also go over proper care for your teeth so you can prevent costly procedures in the future.

Preventing cavities

The best treatment for cavities is prevention, and proper brushing and flossing is critical. Cavities are formed when plaque-forming bacteria build up in your mouth. As they feed on food on your gums and teeth, they form acids that weaken your tooth enamel. Over time, holes will begin to form in your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to further infection.

Bacteria love sugar as much as we do, and the more sweet treats you consume, the more likely you are to struggle with cavities. Other habits, like frequent snacking and poor oral hygiene, will make matters worse. If the plaque on your teeth is not regularly disrupted, it will harden and form tartar, which can only be removed by a dental visit.

You may not notice a cavity at first, but as they get worse, you may deal with a toothache or sensitivity. If you are in the communities of Marrero, Harvey, Gretna, Westwego, New Orleans, Avondale, Metairie, Kenner, or Lafitte, call us today at 504-340-9400 to seek treatment for composite fillings and learn more about the difference you will experience at Diem Do, D.D.S. of Marrero.

Tooth colored filling at Smile in Style, Diem Do DDS

Tooth colored filling at Smile in Style, Diem Do DDS
Tooth-colored fillings help patients get more aesthetically pleasing results. Watch the video to learn more about tooth-colored fillings at Smile in Style, Diem Do DDS.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

At Smile In Style, Diem Do DDS dental office, we encourage our patients to restore every dental work with a tooth-colored filling called resin.

Resin is a longer-lasting dental material. It bonds to the tooth. After the layering process, it will adhere to the tooth and give a more aesthetically pleasing result.

What are the benefits of tooth-colored fillings?

It also requires less removal of the tooth structure, so it is a more conservative approach to removing the decay.

It is also a great material to use to re-do a filling. If you have existing dental work leaking or deteriorating, doing it for the second time in this resin material will be more long-lasting.

It is going to give more life to dental work. So tooth-colored fillings/resin material is the pinnacle material that we use in our office to address any restorative dental care.

Feel free to give us a call today to learn more about tooth-colored fillings.

Dr. Diem Do provides high-quality dental services

Dr. Diem Do set up his private practice after graduating from the University of New Orleans and LSU School of Dentistry. He follows continuing education for the benefit of his patients. Dr. Tami Nguyen is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and LSU School of Dentistry. Both are members of top professional organizations like the American Dental Association and New Orleans and Louisiana Dental Associations. They are trusted and respected by the community for their high-quality dental services.

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