Improve your teen’s oral health with full-service family dentistry

While teenagers may look and act like adults, they still have a lot to learn before they are ready to go out into the world. This time is crucial to forming habits that can keep them healthy throughout their life, and good oral hygiene practices can prevent costly dental procedures in the future. Dr. Do sees patients of all ages at his office, for tooth cleanings, advanced care, and cosmetic dentistry.

Maintaining Oral Health from tots to teens

As children grow, they become more independent, and they may not take special care with their daily brushing and flossing. Regular dental cleanings and exams can prevent problems before they develop and allow your child to talk to someone else about the importance of hygiene.

While a teenager may not respond well to nagging from parents, Dr. Do can meet them on their level. He can use an intra-oral camera and x-rays to show them places in their mouth that need extra care and educate them on the best way to maintain their oral health and prevent procedures like root canals.

Crafting beautiful smiles

Teens are more likely to feel self-conscious about stains, gaps, or crooked teeth, and Dr. Do can improve the appearance of their teeth with a variety of treatments. Dental bonding can be used to fill cavities, improve the shape and look of your teeth, and hide small cracks and gaps. We also offer Zoom in-office whitening treatments for a safe and effective way to restore the natural shine in teeth.

Porcelain crowns and veneers are a sturdy restoration that can protect cracked teeth and hide staining from worn enamel. They are custom-crafted and fitted to blend in with natural teeth to create a beautiful smile they can be proud to show. For more patients with dental crowding or malocclusion, we can discuss orthodontic treatment options, such as braces or aligners. 

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Dr. Diem Do provides high-quality dental services

Dr. Diem Do set up his private practice after graduating from the University of New Orleans and LSU School of Dentistry. He follows continuing education for the benefit of his patients. Dr. Tami Nguyen is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and LSU School of Dentistry. Both are members of top professional organizations like the American Dental Association and New Orleans and Louisiana Dental Associations. They are trusted and respected by the community for their high-quality dental services.

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